EIFS Consulting and Inspection, LLC provides its value driven EIFS expertise, experience and knowledge to:

1) Architects & Engineers
2) Residential and Commercial Property Owners
3) Property Management Companies, Developers and Real Estate Companies
4) General Contractors
5) Sub-contractors
6) Insurance Companies

The services provided depends upon the needs of each specific client and are designed for both new and existing construction including restoration, maintenance and repairs. EIFS Consulting and Inspection, LLC also consults on additional exterior cladding systems including stucco, DEFS (direct applied exterior finish system), weather barriers and stone veneer.

Jeff Krajicek has over 15 years of experience in the construction and EIFS industry, is a certified EIFS inspector by AWCI (Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry) and is an active member of EIMA (EIFS Industry Members Association). Jeff had the benefit of working for and with 2 different EIFS distributors and manufacturers (STO & Dryvit) for 9 years, from 2005 - 2013. During that time, he assisted architects, General Contractors and sub-contractors on numerous projects which enabled him to become progressively more accomplished. This enabled a career move in 2013 to begin a successful EIFS, stucco, weather barrier and veneer stone company called Exterior Construction, Inc. which he sold in 2017. In 2018, the next natural path as an experienced EIFS professional, was to further contribute and protect the EIFS industry through inspections, consulting and discussions.

EIFS Consulting and Inspection, LLC strives to protect the client and the EIFS industry with value-driven consults that supply knowledge and information to benefit each client’s decision making for their specific project.